Lessons Offered

We offer a wide range of lessons for all ages.
Your harp journey may just begin here today.

Individual Lessons
Individual grades: Grade 1-5, 6, 7 & 8

The Harp Academy offers a wide variety of individual harp lessons for students of all ages and levels of experience. Our experienced and enthusiastic teachers offer individual, one-on-one lessons. These lessons are at student's own pace, and students learn necessary skills and habits so that they are successful in their musical goals.

Pedal Harp
Lap Harp
Lever Harp
Group Lessons

In addition to our individual lessons, The Harp Academy also offers group music lessons. For some, this may be a preferred option. We make every effort to have not more than six students so that each student gets the attention they need to succeed. Group lessons help students build lifelong relationships with other students and develop social skills that will help them in other areas of life.

Lever Duo
Available upon request
Harp Ensemble

For group lessons with minimum 4 pax, we categorize them as our Harp Ensemble. It is a group of harpists that play music together at the same time, creating a melodious sound. Any students of any age group is also suitable to join our Harp Ensemble. Furthermore, our group performances are also known as the Harp Ensemble group.

Available upon request
(minimum 4 pax)
Other music courses

We at the Harp Academy also offer lessons for other music instruments such as:

(Lessons are available in group and individual)
Term & conditions
  1. A registration fee and an additional fee per month will be required.
  2. Payment should be made at the beginning of each month.
  3. The academy shall collect a month's fee for the current month as a refundable deposit which will be utilized as the final month's fee should the student decide to suspend lessons.
  4. Students are required to give one month's prior notice before suspending lessons.
  5. Contact us for more info on our academy fees.
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