About The Harp Academy

The Academy is dedicated in nurturing the society on this enchanted instrument, the harp.

About the Academy

The Harp Academy is a unique institution specializing in harp education, dedicated to developing successful and accomplished musicians at the harp bench. Under the direction of Artistic Director Jee Fei Khor, the academy's mission is to eradicate ignorance of this enchanting instrument by educating the society about the harp. The academy hopes by doing so, this will create a more supportive atmosphere for harpists and to guide them towards international stages.

The Story of The Harp Academy

Director of The Harp Academy, Jee Fei Khor always had a passion in music and love for the harp instrument. After returning from France in 2004, she began giving home private lessons and started performing in public places around Malaysia. Through these activities and word of mouth, the number of request for lessons began to grew.

The harp instrument is certainly a unique music tool. This lead to Jee Fei Khor opening up a music school in December 2009, specializing solely on this enchanting instrument. Public wanting to know more about harp or to learn how to play this enchanting instrument, The Harp Academy would be the number 1 choice to go to as we are masters of this instrument.

Our Director & Staffs

Jee Fei Khor

Founder and Principal

Director and principal of The Harp Academy, awarded 'The Best Graduate Award' by YAB Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi Perdana Menteri Malaysia and 'Selangor Young Talent’s Award' in year 2009. Holds a Master in Music Studies (performance) majoring in Harp from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

Cindy Loo

Administrative Officer, Music Theory & Harp Tutor

Responsible for admin work in the academy and main contact for any enquiries from the public. Also a dedicated tutor and has strong understanding in music theory.

Alecia Tay

Performing Harpist & Harp Teacher

Main performer in the Academy's Harp Ensemble and diligent in giving harp lessons ensuring students progress to their fullest potential.

Madelaine Chong

Performing Harpist & Harp Teacher

The academy's punctilious harp teacher showing great care to students, and also a main performer in the Academy's Harp Ensemble.

Our Philosophy & Mission

“Never too late to learn” is our academy's philosophy. The Harp Academy's mission is to promote public awareness of the harp instrument. The academy hopes by doing so, this would train up young talents interested in the harp instrument to perform at international stages. In nurturing the public, The Harp Academy helps build self confidence in each individual student, while at the same time improving their communication skill through Harp Ensemble playing. Students that hones these skills would then be given opportunities to perform in public stages.

Malaysia Address
2-19, Perdana The Place,
Jalan PJU 8/5G,
Damansara Perdana,
47820 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Malaysia.
Australia Address
22 Cambridge Street,
Epping NSW 2121,
Sydney, Australia